Your best travel tips/travel secrets


Whether you travel frequently or visit for the first time, you need a variety of travel tips and secrets to save space, money, time and energy. This is exactly what we provide you in this article. Now, when you think about how to deal with all the luggage and other problems that come with travel, you don’t have to worry about the tension in your stomach. Therefore, without further ado, let's get to the point.

Choose your seat

Yes, you can do this today before you set foot on the plane. You can now easily bypass the plane and choose the seat you want to reserve. You can find airplane seat maps and reviews on many websites, and you can benefit from them.

Roll up your clothes

This is another useful advice you might use when traveling. By rolling your clothes into a tube instead of folding them up, you can save a lot of space in your backpack. In addition, it can also avoid creases and wrinkles on clothes, which is an added benefit.

Charge your electronic devices through the TV

Due to frequent travel, travelers sometimes forget or lose the plug on the wall. But don’t worry, you can now plug your electronic device into the USB port of a modern TV to charge it. It will charge your phone in nearly an hour, saving you a lot of trouble.

Install a portable mobile phone charger

Whether making emergency calls or taking photos of your favorite tourist attractions, you can always use your mobile phone as a traveler. Therefore, your phone battery will be exhausted and you may not be able to charge it in time. At this time, the portable charger comes in handy to prevent you from draining the battery when you need it most.

Take apart the necessary things

If you are going to multiple places, there is no need to open the entire bag, as this will only increase the difficulty of putting everything back in the bag. Instead, just take out what you need and leave the rest. This will enable you to get to the new location quickly.

Exercise before travel

During your international travel, you are most likely to experience jet lag. However, you can cope with some easy and simple exercises, such as walking or running.

Put the battery in the refrigerator

Although it sounds crazy, it is true. Put the battery in the refrigerator to keep it fresh and extend its life. Although it looks strange, the battery can be charged up to 90% in a cold environment. Try this and see how it works wonders.

Pack a pack of crayons

This is another weird technique, but a pack of crayons can come in handy when there is an emergency during travel. On the other hand, full-size crayons can light up for up to half an hour and produce an incredible amount of light, which is worth a try.