Pretty Towns and Villages to Visit in Germany


Berlin or Munich, Germany is a country of big cities, but it would be a great experience to travel the countryside and visit some of its smaller but charming towns and villages. It is worth venturing out of big cities to explore remote settlements in the mountain ranges and fairytale towns on the river. Visiting these brilliant places will help you learn about German traditions and cultural History. 

We have selected some highly recommended towns and cities you should visit on your trip to Germany out of so many gorgeous places. 

Top 5 Towns to Explore in Germany


Imagine waking up and watching mouth-watering views from the balcony of your hotel room. You can enjoy celestial scenery from any corner of this town, and all the amenities will be within your range. This city is popular among tourists and a dream place for thousands too. Heidelberg a historic gem with the oldest University from 1386. The Town centre has a beautiful infrastructure and side streets. Visitors can see the whole city and the castle from the hill peaks around this gorgeous small city. Most of the residents are students in Heidelberg, so this city features many events and party bars to make it lively. 


After facing destruction during the Second World War, Nuremberg was revived and rebuilt again. Situated in Bavaria, it is a popular tourist spot. This city has historical value because the Nazi party held rallies and implemented their laws here. Nazi leaders faced a trial in this city after the World War. 

Apart from that, take a stroll through the streets to watch Old City Walls; the original city walls remained after the War. Moreover, as a visitor, try not to miss out on the famous St. Lawrence Church, Hauptmarkt, Frauenkirche and Nuremberg Castle while walking through the inner city. 


This city is a go-to place for wine lovers due to its famous Vineyards extending throughout the town. Situated on the river Moselle in western Germany, this town dates back to Celtic and Roman times. Just like Nuremberg, Cochem was attacked and destroyed during World War II. The city was built again according to the German Architecture styles for restoration purposes. This small town attracts mountain bikers, and its exceptional landscape is perfect for hiking. We recommend you book a guided tour and visit Riechsburg Cochem, a Medieval toll castle known for its beauty and ancient architecture. 


This vibrant small town is present on River valley and Medieval paths used for trading purposes. This city is the perfect place to witness Gothic architecture and Brothers Grimm, mentioned Mraburg in their most loved stories as students at Marburg University. Marburg University welcomes thousands of new students every year to rewind the town’s vibrancy. The university building is truly a piece of art in itself and worth a visit. 


Poets, writers and painters valued Germany owing to its cultural and artistic History. They all wandered through Rhine Valley and admired the exquisite scenery for capturing myths and charms. Bacharach was the most beautiful city and attracted big names like William Turner, Victor Hugo and Heinrich Heine. They visited Bacharach and got inspired by its beauty. 

After romanticism swept Europe, Germany crafted its substream called “Rhienromantik”. Bacharach is a popular destination for honeymoons and family tours, and it has a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a castle and Gothic Ruins. This town has many vineyards located on every corner of the city, producing delicious wines. Those who love hiking can visit Rheinbugewegeg, so you can board a train or explore the city on a river cruise. 


Big cities are nowhere near Germany’s small towns and villages located in the countryside in terms of beauty and infrastructure. Instead of living in Berlin or Munich, we recommend exploring these small towns discussed earlier to learn German History and traditions. Life is fast and busy in the main cities; however, you can hang out with locals in the smaller towns, and they love to host visitors and show them famous places.