What to Pack on Your Tour to the Maldives


No travel list is complete without the Maldives on it, and this gorgeous archipelago is always on the top of the destination chart. The Maldives will be a prime destination because of its entertainment opportunities and the Islands' beauty. Visitors spend most of their time at incredibly picturesque Islands. They must pack proper clothes and footwear to make their trip seamless. 

Apart from that, there are some additional items that one should carry before leaving for the Maldives. This read will guide you about some must-haves in your traveling bag.

Ultimate Packing List

SunGlasses: Always keep a pair of sunglasses to avoid the direct UV rays from the sun. Your glasses will also keep you safe against the sun glare after reflection from the water surface. Wear your beautiful glasses and take a stroll under sunlight on the beach. 

Sunscreen: Conduct thorough research, and you will learn that the Maldives is in the tropical zone. Your body will receive direct sunlight, so keeping sunscreen in your bag can help you relax on a sunbed on a sunny day. 

Dry Bags: A full-sized dry bag can come in handy to carry valuable items during a boat trip, snorkeling or any other entertainment activity. Things won't become wet, and you can keep your phone and other electronic gadgets in this bag. 

Sun Hat: if you are a skin conscious human being, a sun hat is a must-have item for you. These hats will cover all your face and guard your skiing against UV radiation. Buy a sun hate from a nearby store before leaving because purchasing it from the Maldives will cost you a lot of money. 

Wet Bags: as the name indicates, this bag is useful for carrying wet towels, clothes and slippers when you need to go back to the hotel. It is a great idea to keep wet clothes away from other things. 

Snorkeling Gear: This is the most common item you will find in every store and resort in the Maldives. However, in this pandemic, it is advised to purchase your snorkeling gear and use it while swimming. Otherwise, you can get one for yourself over a small rental price. 

Underwater Camera: Transparency of the seawater will allow you to experience the underwater world. You would love capturing marine life and yourself in the form of pictures so, do not forget to take an underwater camera before you leave.

Clothing Items

Swimsuits: Take as many swimsuits as you want to, depending upon the days you will stay In the Maldives. Females can pack bikinis and shots; however, males can wear swim trunks and shorts on the sunny beach. 

Kaftans: These are light dresses to cover the body after coming out of the water. Females can wear Kaftans to walk on the beach, and their bodies won't get harmed by the direct sun rays. 

Footwear: There is no need to bring heels and special shoes because you will be spending most of your quality time on sand without any footwear. Keep diving shoes to swim and other water activities. Sandals and flip-flops would be a great addition to your packing list. 

Remember that being a Muslim country, Maldives won't allow you to stroll on its streets without a proper dress. The visitors must cover their knees and shoulders before going out. 

Final Thoughts

Destination points sell all essential things but buying those items from the Maldives can bust your budget. It would be wise to put all the necessary items, including clothes, sandals and flip-flops, sun hats and sunscreen, in your bag so you won't feel the need to buy anything from there.