Is Dupixent a biological agent?


Dupixent (dupilumab) is a biologic drug that is different from pills (oral medications) or steroids that are handled differently in the body. Biological agents are injected into the body to work normally and effectively. Dupixent has been approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for use in adults and children 6 years and older with moderate to severe atopic dermatitis (AD).

Dupixent targets interleukin, a protein involved in inflammation. Although Dupixent's purpose is to calm an overreacting immune system, it does not suppress it. As a result, the symptoms of chronic inflammation become less and less severe.

How Dupixent works

Dupixent is a human antibody (monoclonal IgG4) that blocks the signaling of the inflammatory proteins interleukin 13 (IL -13) and interleukin 4 (IL-4). It binds to the site where the two proteins bind, and is also called the IL-4Rα subunit. After occupying the subunit, Dupixent inhibits IL-4 signaling through type 1 receptors and IL-13 and IL-4 signaling through type II receptors.

 Traditional medicines are produced from chemicals, while biological agents are made from living cells. Because biological agents act on specific areas of the human immune response, they are considered targeted therapies. Your immune system is essential to protect your body from harmful substances such as viruses and bacteria through the inflammatory process.

Sometimes your immune system will mistakenly attack your own tissues, leading to chronic inflammation. The purpose of Dupixent biologics is to discover and block special proteins that trigger overactive inflammation, so that inflammation does not occur or if it exists, to minimize it.

Studies have also shown that AD Dupixent helps normalize the skin microbiota, thereby minimizing the colonization of naturally occurring skin bacteria (Staphylococcus). This helps improve the way your immune system fights infections.

Possible side effects of Dupixent

As with any other medicine, you may have an allergic reaction to Dupixent. You may also feel pain, redness, or swelling in the injection area. Other side effects include lip or oral cold sores, pink eye and corneal inflammation.

So, is Dupixent a biological agent?

Yes. Dupixent is an approved biological therapy for the treatment of moderate to severe cases of eczema and asthma. Dupixent medications can also be used by patients with sinus and nasal swelling (chronic sinusitis) and nasal polyps. It is injected by self-injection by a pen or syringe used by adults at home. Children 12 years and older must be supervised by an adult, and children under 12 years old should be injected by an adult caregiver.