Top 10 Food Festivals That Will Tempt Your Taste Buds

Festivals of any kind are a treat for its enthusiasts. Comic cons are for comic fans, and The October Fest is for beer lovers from all over the world who go to Germany for all the beer you can drink, and so on. So, if you are a foodie, a food festival is like a kid, and you get to go to the chocolate factory much better than Willy Wonka's. 

Let's discuss some of the biggest food festivals on the planet and why you should visit one of them on your next trip.

1.Oktoberfest – Germany

Don't let the name and its description fool you. Most will tell you it's just a beer festival, but with great beer comes happy feelings, charming people, music, and entertainment. If not enough, you can taste the best German cuisine under the sweet influence, making everything taste better.

We recommend skipping the Munich one, which will have fabulous but utterly crowded and expensive festivities. So search for other bigger cities and try to find the one most recommended last season.


2.Foodies Festival – UK

Throughout August and September, all over the UK, there are food festivals, one of the biggest gatherings of foodies where they share drinks, good times, and fantastic food. Some of the most prominent chefs are on display as they cook their favorite dishes live. So mark your calendars and get ready to party all month at different venues.

3.La Tomatina – Bunol, Spain

On the surface, it is a tomato-bashing season where thousands of people fight each other, throwing tomatoes at each other while the whole streets are covered with pulp. But the fun is still ongoing; everyone is merry after the event, and the cafes and restaurants will be filled with people sharing their experiences. This festival is a must-go if you love meeting people at foodie destinations.

4.Salon Du Chocolat – France

This festival is for everyone as we cannot imagine someone who doesn't like chocolate. The best part is that the festival is in Paris, and it is not chocolate on display. You get to see the best pizza dishes, lots of wine, and an incredible variety of chocolate on display, which for the festival is at discounted prices to share as much chocolate with the outside world as possible.

5.Chinatown-ID Night Market – Seattle, USA

Now we know that you love Chinese food, or at least once a month, do get a Chowmein delivery. If that is true for you, you must be in Seattle in September when this event happens in the international district.

Thousands of visitors come to Seattle to experience many colors of Asian and Chinese food. The streets are filled with vendors from many countries, stalls with condiments and drinks, and musical festivals all night. It's a great day to experience some Asian culture that you may not have experienced before.

6.National Street Food Festival – New Delhi, India

You must be ready to travel to India for this fantastic festival, as this surreal street food festival is held yearly. The streets of New Delhi are filled with local cuisine full of outstanding and aromatic spices, which may be too much for you to handle at the start. We recommend taking breaks every few hours; otherwise, you might blow a fuse due to an overload of culinary senses, and that too sometimes by the hottest spices.

The prime purpose of this festival has been to promote and preserve the Indian food culture and its diversity. In this festival, many small cities and villages showcase their delicacy that you may not find anywhere else.


7.Hong Kong Wine & Dine Festival

You can experience over 400 culinary delicacies and wines worldwide in the last week of October. You can book your places at different places and be part of exceptional wines from other sites while eating appetizers to enhance the flavor of each beverage to its fullest. If you are more interested in learning the art of wine smelling, that has you covered too, as many courses are presented.

8.Jakarta Culinary Festival

This festival is also held in October and holds events such as music performances, coffee rooms, open bars, unique experiences at the chef's table, coffee workshops, and more. It is one of Southeast Asia's most talked about gastronomic festivals and has many activities.

The best part is that many experts and celebrity chefs join hands with the industry and present the best of the best to you, which is why thousands of people fly from all over the world to enjoy the masterpieces offered here.

9.Loch Lomond Food and Drink

Held every year right beside Loch Lomond, the food is impressive and might be smaller than other festivals on this list, but what it lacks in numbers, it makes up for its gourmet food and stalls. So, if you think of meat vendors, they will be there. If you fancy a good condiment, one of the best bakeries will have stalls to entice you. So visiting Scotland during the season and enjoying the countryside must include this fantastic festival.

10.Chinchilla Melon Festival – Australia

Another fruit-bashing season, but this time, it's in the heart of the land down under. The melon festival is held in Chinchilla, where farmers and locals celebrate the harvest season. Several events like melon skiing, chariot racing, and good old can eat the most in a single sitting. The event is held once every two years; the next one is poised to be born in 2025.

Final Thoughts

Every country or region has different festivals for the different seasons, which is an excellent way to be grateful for our fabulous life. Some do it for religion, while others celebrate harvest or life. Whichever belief you hold, it is always fun to be part of one; if that is an international event, the fun becomes international.