Say hello to the summer’s monochromatic makeup trend


Hot and warm weather is coming. With spring in full bloom, the next transition is to summer skincare routines and beauty choices. Summer is always fun and inspires all beauty and makeup lovers to try something new, more colorful and fun when it comes to makeup options. Even a simple luminous lipstick can go a long way towards a fresh, fresh face for summer.

The makeup trends for summer 2022 are already here. And there are plenty of options. What sets this summer makeup season apart from others is that it doesn't just focus on light or bold colors. There is a blend for every flavor. According to makeup and beauty experts, this summer of 2022 is all about playing with makeup. Creativity is the focus here and can serve as a starting point for all kinds of summer makeup looks.

Whether you're looking for that good ol' beach bronzer summer look or want to try the famous graphic eye look, these are some of the coolest makeup trends that will add a new dimension to your makeup perception.

Inner corner color point

Color is always welcome when it comes to summer makeup. So it's best to start with something that's very popular right now. A pop of color in the inner corner is one of my favorite looks this summer. It's a great and fun way to add some color to a look, and it's easy to do. For the ultimate accent and the perfect look, opt for a shimmery eyeshadow. Here are the glittery bangs that will blow your mind. Add it to the inner corners, leaving the entire face exposed.

Y2K Glitter Lips

As you know, the Y2K style is still very strong. Extremely popular in the fashion world, this trend has also carried over to makeup and beauty styling. General descriptions of this makeup trend include frosty lips, thin brows, and overdrawn lips. Another cool option this summer is to apply some shimmery eyeshadow on your lips for a matte lip look.

Play liner

As a makeup product, Liquid Liner is closely associated with the makeup styles of Gen Z and the 80s. It's easy to replicate today, especially since the same trend is back in action. Using a black liner, apply along the upper lash line, then use a light contrasting color on top. It mimics the look of two lines and stripes.

Fake burnt cheeks

The appearance of sunburned skin is one of Tik Tok's biggest makeup trends. To do this, apply blush under the eyes that mimics the sunburn trend. Do this with an easy-to-blend cream blush. Apply blush to the forehead and bridge of the nose to complete the effect.