5 things that will make your makeup bag more sustainable


Sustainability, supporting sustainable development and making sustainable choices are now easier than ever. The beauty industry generates a lot of waste from packaging, which is the right indicator for choosing greener options. Going greener doesn't require dramatic and drastic changes. Instead, as soon as you peek into your makeup bag, the change begins.

That's why makeup brands work tirelessly to incorporate it into their products. In this way, every consumer can sustainably adjust their cosmetic bag. Take refillable fragrances, for example. This is definitely nothing new, but it would make a big difference if everyone opted for this solution. There are many other ways in which each of us can make lasting change without having to give up the best and most precious things and products. Here are 5 things you can do today to become a greener cosmetics consumer.

1. Choose a multipurpose product

Multipurpose make-up products are more fun, functional, and good for the planet. Lipstick can also be used as cheek color. Clear mascara can also be an eyebrow product. This allows you to use one product for up to three different tasks, saving you money and waste.

2. Complement your fragrance

Perfume is an important part of your cosmetic bag. More and more fragrance brands are now offering refillable fragrance options that contribute to sustainability. Just buy refillable fragrances and keep refilling all year round.

3. No more makeup remover wipes

For those of you who don't know, it takes at least a hundred years for a makeup wipe to break down. Not only are they not recyclable, they're also bad for the skin. So replace them with more sustainable solutions and products like micellar water, gel cleansers, reusable cotton pads, and more.

4. Reuse packaging

Upcycling empty cosmetic packaging is a great way to reuse it and avoid waste. For example, a lipstick container can be reused as a serum bottle. They can also serve as a new home for bobby pins. So you can easily put them in your makeup bag.

5. Swap plastic shampoo bottles for shampoo

Shampoo bars are a great option for new hair care routines. Plus, it has zero waste. Cool, right? Shampoo bars contain all the ingredients found in regular shampoos, but they come in no packaging and last longer than traditional shampoo bottles. New research shows that a woman uses between 420 and 500 bottles of shampoo in her lifetime, all of which end up in the trash.

Owning a sustainable cosmetic bag isn't difficult, you just need to make key changes to help the planet and the environment.