These hair colors are worth a shot this spring


If there's ever a time when you need to change your hair color, it's spring. Depending on personal style and preference, some women will opt for darker shades, but most will opt for lighter shades. A good compromise, however, is a dark base color with highlights that instantly add dimension and texture to the hair.

The latest hair color trend is back with a focus on big changes. That means trying more adventurous tones. Hair experts recommend trying ginger, copper and one-dimensional dark brown and black hair this spring. Contrary to the expected lighter shades, these shades will be big and pop.

Now that we've ushered in spring, it's a great time to dig into the hair colors that will be trending this spring and worth a try for anyone looking for a change.


Turmeric is an extraordinary hair color. It is a mixture of red and brown. This is the shade that will be a big hit this spring. Turmeric and copper red are very popular hair colors this spring. They look great on textured hair and curls. Natural Ginger is enjoying 5 Minutes of fame right now, and for everyone else who loves the shade, it will look gorgeous paired with this season's cut, the Full Fringe Long Shag.


Black is back, and this is glossy black. It provides a one-dimensional look and is a great option for those who want their hair to look shiny. The best looks are those with straight black hair. Overall, it all boils down to attractive looks.

Coconut Mocha

Coconut mocha is another big hair color trend this spring. It combines warm, neutral, bronze and dark brown tones. It is a shade that is easy to mix with light or dark foundation hair. The key to great color and appearance is the infusion of reflective color that enhances the warmth of the skin.


Blondes will still be trendy and dominant, but there are options for sandy blondes this season. This is a shade that is described as a sun-kissed blonde. Since it is a light shade, it is important to preserve the color better. It requires good hair care and the use of hair care products that will prolong the life of your hair color.


The use of copper and ginger shades brings a new trendy shade to this spring, and that's the peachy upgrade of these shades. Subtle pink and orange undertones look great when displayed on wavy hair. Waves just have the ability to show off color-mixed dimension, which isn't dominant on straight hair.

Baby copper

Baby Copper is a really fun and versatile hair color. It has less red undertones and more gold. Here's a whole new update for anyone looking for a light auburn hair color.

WriterMaja Krdzicfrom Macedonia