How to wear the silk headband this spring?


Spring has always been a season of support and encouragement for women seeking to change their looks, clothing and even fashion styles. Sometimes it comes in the form of more colorful clothing and accessories. Sometimes it comes from changing hair color and hairstyle. However, a silk headband is a great option for those who want a subtler twist while also wanting something new.

There have been a lot of headbands in the last few fashion weeks, which means they're going to be a strong and very popular fashion trend. This means that silk headbands can be worn with or without loose hair. This is a beautiful and effective way to hide and style dirty hair. Also, it's an Instagram trend that just speaks to the popularity of this hair accessory.

With silk headbands growing in popularity, here are some headband hairstyles to try this spring.

Simple and cute

Silk headbands can look simple and cute if you choose a solid color. It can be perfectly combined and styled with colorful clothing and prints, so the headband here will only add style and elegance to the look.

Scarf headband

If you're ready for a retro yet unexpected look, a headband with a scarf is a great option. You can opt for fuller hair or ultra-straight hair. Whatever you choose, it will look great.

Padded silk headband

The padded silk headband will instantly transport you back to your childhood. This is the best option to add a 90s vibe to your style. These headbands are so attractive and eye-catching that they make an impression on their own. They are a statement accessory that will add highlights to your hair and hairstyle. Also, they are a great option for those who prefer a minimalist look. A very stylish way to wear a silk headband is to part your hair down the middle and wear only the headband.

Knotted silk headband

A huge boom in the headwear department is the knotted headband. They are an upgraded version of the standard silk headband. They're so eclectic and colorful, with an inexplicably raw boho vibe. They are considered to be the most popular hair accessories this summer. This headband is perfect for beach or holiday looks. For a cool and trendy look, tie your hair into a ponytail, bun or bun and add a knotted silk headband. It will appear on the hair like a crown.

Embellished silk headband

Silk and sequins go so well together, especially when they come together on an embellished silk headband. This is a headband that gives an out-of-the-ordinary look while drawing attention to the face and hair. This is a great option for a minimalist look with the hair pulled back.

WriterMaja Krdzicfrom Macedonia