Fall/winter 2022 jewelry trends


Jewelry is the missing piece that can complete and elevate an entire outfit. As the seasons change, so do jewelry trends. In the upcoming Autumn/Winter 2022, the theme of "more is more" will continue to be in focus. So everything from sculptural earrings to chunky bracelets to oversized rings is stylish and stylish. The heaviness of the jewelry is close to the style of stacking jewelry, inspired by rebellious and punk styles. However, the new season brings something for everyone.

The general overview and outlook for the fall/winter 2022 jewelry season is that there will be many sparkling pieces with rhinestones and antique-inspired designs. Camo, filigree and coins are the most striking details here. Other appealing styles include Renaissance pieces in the form of layered beads and necklaces.

The fall/winter 2022 jewelry trends are definitely worth exploring and trying. So if you want to get a head start, keep an eye out for the following options:

Mixed metal

Anyone who has followed changes in jewelry trends knows that silver jewelry is currently on the rise and is very popular. But that doesn't mean gold isn't popular. Autumn/Winter 2022 trends suggest mixing the two colors together for an eye-catching look. Two-tone jewelry is an option for the upcoming season. The best looks came in two-tone sculptural bracelets, metal earrings, necklaces and rings—all mixed metals.

Big bracelet

As mentioned above, the focus of this winter's jewelry is on size. So anything big and bulky is in fashion. Oversized bangles and bracelets are especially attractive. They are just necessary. The more edgy and bulky they are, the better they will look. Just one of the bracelets completes the outfit.

Modern sculpture

Large metal jewelry is recommended for modern sculptures for a distinctive look. For example, highly polished and brushed pieces are perfect for Fall/Winter 2022. All those willing to try this trend will opt for palm necklaces and cuffs to be the focal point of the entire look.

Reinterpreted Ring

Delicate rings have long been an everyday choice for many. However, new trends suggest changing the look and making it bigger. Think cocktails and multi-finger rings to get hands cum.

tires are back


Hoop earrings are back. This classic gem will continue to dominate throughout the fall. A chunky and elegant option of silver and gold hoop earrings is a new option to upgrade your look and give it a modern look.

Antique style

Antique jewelry styles are on the rise, so for those who love this retro trend, the options are very diverse. Old-world themes dominate engagement rings, lockers, and other jewelry that best embody this retro trend.

WriterMaja Krdzicfrom Macedonia