5 makeup products every woman needs to have in her makeup bag


"You can find everything in a woman's bag" is a famous saying. It's also a good reference to makeup bags. Often, women carry cosmetic bags filled with all kinds of products, sometimes without even knowing what's inside. From everyday makeup necessities to completely unnecessary makeup items, makeup bags can easily become a cluttered organizer that doesn't perform as well as it should. If you think better, there are a handful of products that every woman uses every day as part of her makeup routine. These products can easily convert a day look to a night look and vice versa. So instead of carrying everything with you, these are the only 5 makeup items every woman should have in her makeup bag:

Foundation/BB/CC Cream/Tinted Cream

The look of good, healthy and fresh skin starts with the base makeup you apply to your face. Using products like foundation, BB/CC, or tinted cream is the first and most important step in your makeup routine, and it should definitely be in your makeup bag. The main use of these products is to cover blemishes on the skin, even skin tone, and to be the foundation for all other products. You'll look fresher and more beautiful with these corrective creams. Remember to choose the one that suits your skin type.

blush or bronzer

The way to make your cheeks redder naturally is to apply a little blush or bronzer. The color options are very varied and they should match the foundation and eyes. The intensity of the blush you apply depends on its type. As for the bronzer, its texture and your personal preference will vary.


Nothing makes the eyes look more prominent than mascara. Beautiful and attractive eyelashes are something every woman desires. There are many different kinds of mascara that can provide different looks. For the best and desired look, find the right mascara for your lashes and apply at least two coats.


Even if you don't wear makeup, lipstick can have a huge impact on your appearance. A nice pout is an elusive goal for many women, and luckily, with a wide variety of lipsticks and colors to choose from, it's easy. Pretty red or coral lipsticks are a must have in your makeup bag.


Eyeliner is a makeup product that brings the ultimate, dramatic touch to makeup. It brings a sense of mystery and intrigue to the eye. The classic cat-eye look is a sophisticated option that's perfect for day or night.